We are a consultancy firm offering technical advice and solutions in the following broad areas:

  1. Geographic Information Systems
  2. Mathematical and Scientific Computing
  3. Grid Computing
  4. Graphic Design

About our team

Our team includes mathematicians, scientists, developers and graphic designers. We have extensive experience in applying our respective fields of expertise to solve problems in the acedemia and the industry.

Core Team Members:
Shoaib Burq (GIS)
Zaeem Burq (Mathematical modelling and computing)
Aleksandra Herzog (Graphic design)
Ruth Luscombe (Optimization, analysis and scientific computing)
Kashif Rasul (High performance computing)
Saqib Rasul (Scientific computing)

Mini blog / News

05 DEC 2009 by ZB

Web-site updated

09 JAN 2006 by KR

Web-site is now up!

08 JAN 2006 by KR

Updating website, should be up soon.


We have offices in Berlin and Melbourne:

Torstr. 104
10119 Berlin, Germany

156 Capel St.
North Melbourne, VIC 3051, Australia.

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